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As a leading manufacturer and seller of first aid kits and first aid medical supplies, Firstar has a whole selection of first aid supplies, first aid kits products for you to choose and stock in your first aid box.They are:waterproof cast,cpr mask,kinesiology tape,ambulance stretcher,digital ear thermometer,(high strength)pressure bandage,military dressing,emergency blanket,adhesive plaster,(mini)plaster kit,film dressing,pill box organizers,stretcher bed and so on.

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 first aid medical supplies

Aluminium first aid finger splint FS-233FS

first aid finger splint

  • The size of FIRSTAR first aid finger splint FS-233FS is 1.25 * 23cm;
  • It can immobilize any kinds of finger injuries;
  • Made of high-density foam cushions;
  • Protect and adjust as swelling subsides;
  • This mallet finger splint can be simply cut to therapeutically correct size with general scissors.

Pack this first aid product in your first aid kit before you go to playing ball games. Or prepare one in the sports first aid kit all the time. If you need curved finger splint, Firstar also offers it. Visit to learn their price.

Multi-functional first aid kit supply emergency blanket FS-128

first aid kit supply emergency blanket Specification:

Silver/golden two colors to choose.

Keep out from wind and water.

Different color protects high and low temperature.

Different sizes are offered.

As a must in any type of first aid kit, you should know about how to use it.

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Firstar first aid kits products disposable gloves FS-350

 first aid kits products

During the process of giving first aid,the resuer need to have direct contact with the patient.

In order to avoid infection, disposable gloves are needed.

FIRSTAR HEALTHCARE has many kinds of gloves, visit to know about them.

Firstar first aid kit supplies triangular bandage FS-141

Firstar offers a lot of first aid kits and medical products, you can find first aid kit supplies there.

Details for first aid kit supplies triangular bandages FS-141:

First aid triangular bandages

Size: 90 *90 *127cm


Features:Lightweight,compact,can be folded into small size and cover large wound area.

Usually work with safety pins.


This product is from FIRSTAR HEALTHCARE CO.,LTD, their website is:

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Necessary car emergency first aid kit contents hammer

car emergency first aid kit contents

A hammer is necessary in the car emergency first aid kit contents list, but it is not need in home/office kit.

It works good to the roadside accidents.

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First aid medical supplies air splint set FS-185

First aid medical supplies

6 pcs of practical transprot bags are good to have in your first aid medical supplies, they are used on long and short legs and arms,ankle and hand.

Very easy to use.

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First aid device:trolley ambulance stretcher FS-283

When it comes to first aid tool and first aid device, you can not ignore ambulance stretcher.

Basic info of FIRSTAR trolley ambulance stretcher FS-283:

  • image
  • Width:55cm
  • Length:190cm
  • Max Height:90cm
  • Net Weight: 40kg
  • Loading: 181kg
  • With a fixed back plate.
  • Folded size: 195x55x25cm
  • Unfolded size: 195x55x85cm
  • Comprises 4 swivel wheels.
  • With security bekt and mattress.
  • Max inclination angle of backrest: 65 degree
  • This trolley stretcher is made of aluminum.
  • Including an adjustable headrest(can be tilted up to 65 degrees.)

Various basic or advanced first aid supplies are on to wait for you.

First aid adhesive plaster for wound FS-240

First aid adhesive plaster is a small dressing which is generally used for injury and not serious to require a full size bandage. As the most common first aid product, you can find it in any first aid kit. You also can call it as a adhesive bandage. Adhesive plaster bandage is generally used for small injury which occurs by small accident. First aid adhesive plaster Contents in this wound adhesive plaster pack:
Mini size                  3.8cm x 1cm            8pcs
Big squard              3.8cm x 3.8cm         5pcs
Small squard           2.5cm x 2.5cm        4pcs
Standard                 7cm x 2cm              5pcs
Large size               7cm x 2.5cm           4pcs
Round size Dia        2.5cm                     4pcs

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First aid supplies review

First aid supplies are the items packaged in the first aid kits for giving first aid to the patients when accidents happens and the ambulance still not coming. To ensure safety, you should know how to use every item of the first aid supplies. Read on to know the common first aid supplies and their uses. First aid supplies

  1. Alcohol Cotton : Disinfect your hands or tweezers and other tools before giving first aid.
  2. Latex Gloves: Prevent the the rescuer to be infected.
  3. Face mask: Prevent the the rescuer to get infected.
  4. Nacl: It is used to clean wounds. Based on health requirements, it is better to choose the  independent small or medium-sized bottle. Note: throw away the bottle after using, do not put it back to first aid box if with leftover. If there is no Nacl, distilled or mineral water is an option.
  5. Sterile gauze pad or gauze roll: used to cover the wound.
  6. Adhesive bandages: With the high elasticity, bandages can used to wrap wounds without affect on  blood circulation.
  7. Triangular bandage:the most multi-use bandage, can be used to support the injured parts of the body, like head,foot,hand.
  8. Safety pins:Fixes the triangular bandage and other bandages in secure place.
  9. Tape: Paper tape can be used to fix gauze; Zinc oxide tape can be used to fix bandage. Because they do not irritate the skin , suitable for general use.
  10. Band-Aids: Covering small wounds to stop bleeding. The most common used first aid supplies.
  11. Plastic wrap: It is not common. But you can use it to cover the burn wound area before getting to the hospital.
  12. CPR mask: Prevent infection when giving CPR.
  13. Scissors: Use it to cut items, such as bandage,tape or even cloth. If the wound are is too large or there is not enough bandage.
  14. Tweezers: Used to pick up specific small items.
  15. Cotton swabs: used to clean a small area of bleeding wounds.
  16. Flashlight: Usually in car first aid kits or outdoor survival kits. Very useful when giving first aid in dark environment. It has one more feature, you can use it to test pupillary response when people fainting.
  17. Survival blanket: Used to keep the patient warm.
  18. Instant cold pack: Help reduce swelling of the wound area.

First aid suppliesThe above are some common first aid supplies, there are some specific ones I didn’t point out like diagnostic penlight,eye pad, hammer. When you are packing your own first aid kits, you can consider putting the above supplies in it.